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Cinema Business is a game of business management.

Your job is to run a successful movie theater.
The game has built in goals, like:
* Have $1,000,000 by year 7
* Have a rating of 85% by year 3
* Get out of debt!

This is a very involved game with many aspects. You have to hire employees, keep them happy, buy a stock of concessions, keep your building from falling apart, buy the most popular movies, set reasonable prices, advertise, take out loans to increase your credit score with the local bank, maintain an active video arcade, and so forth...

This game is a lot of fun for people who have the heart of a manager!

The best part is that you get to modify the game to your liking, all of the math that makes the game work is contained within one easily edited text file, also you can build custom goals by editing the goals text file.